Thursday, March 12, 2009

What to talk about first?

Trying to decide what I could start out saying and a dozen or so topics popped up in my head (N. Korea to silver colored horses), but I thought I'd start with why I'm starting a blog in the first place.

I've been studying like crazy for the upcoming Miss Rodeo Oregon pageant. Trying to memorize everything from the correct spelling of encephalomyelitis to the life history of Ty Murray and Trevor Brazille. I love to learn, I think I have always enjoyed learning but my favorite part of learning has always been being able to share the wonderful things I learned with, well, anyone who would listen. My parents were very indulgent when I was younger, I asked a lot of questions.

If you read my profile you'll see that I now work at a hotel instead of on the ranch where I spent the last five years. So to be perfectly honest there isn't anyone to talk to that is even remotely interested in listening to me ramble on about horses and rodeo and other unimportant things. They really could care less who was wearing what at the Miss Rodeo America pageant, hat shapes or hair styles.


The people in my life whom I could pester with knowledge that they probably don't care about either but love me enough to at least pretend would be Shane, Mom and Kitty.

Kitty owns Lauman Training and is for the most part busy working horses during the day so while she indulges me every now and then it is hard to ride and talk on the phone at the same time.

Mom who used to be a self-employed glass blower with a hands-free headset phone is now a trouble-shooter for a green energy company that recently relocated to Eugene. Which means that M-F mom is out of town and busy.

Shane, my darling wonderful sister, moved to France, to immerse herself in the language she hopes to one day teach to high-schoolers. If you can imagine the difficulties of scheduling time to talk with a 9 hour time difference you can see why we talk about other things than my newfound knowledge.

Don't fear, I came up with a solution, YOU! This blog will enable me to enlighten the world to the things that I am learning. Mind you I have a habit of getting distracted and sidetracked into the most interesting segues so if nothing else this should be entertaining.

Till Next Time...